Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CR1 oh CR1

CR1 is an application form we need to fill in and submit to the Research Center in order to apply for an internal university grant. After had some discussion with one of my collegue, we decided to submit an application. Actually resubmit.. we have already submitted one last year but sadly.. had been returned.. something on the budget.. need further clarification.

I had submitted several application before this. I don't know why.. it have been always rejected. Maybe the title was not sophisticated or technical enough.. or may be because none of us in the list with DR. May be...

But today, I have decided, what ever reason or what ever obstacle that I need to undergo .. to get my application approve, I will keep on trying.. sending as much CR1 as I can.. I won't let the dissapointment from the rejection of my application demotivate me.. especially in doing research. At the same time I will also try to get some collaboration from other school or research center. Wel.. cross my finger...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

To Blog.. or Not To Blog..

Today, I ask my students to create their own blog. I'm not sure wether they are doing this (creating their blog) because they found it interesting or.. just to fulfill my instruction. Honestly, I also don't know how to blog.. what i mean.. it seems my life is very ordinary and nothing interesting to put into my blog.. and this is i think my.. 2nd.. 3rd .. blog?

Well, to my students, keep blogging.. because from here you will dig out your creativity, learn how to express yourself.. and.. another way of having fun!