Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Macam di KK

17th Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. May Allah give us strength and blessing to appreciate this holy month with more ibadah.

This morning, I reached office earlier than usual. One of the reason is because sending my dearest Nurul to the school then straight to the office. 6.24 am, yup that is waaay to early Winking smile.

First thing to do is to check the email. Nope, nothing important today. That’s good, so I can continue my reading that have been put to a long pause since last meeting with the supervisor. Bad, bad Misako!

Then I checked my FB (who doesn’t, kan?). My brother send this video to our family group. Macam di KK. It is a famous phrases in Sabah like, “OK bah kalau kau”, “aramaitiii” and so on. Macam di KK is referring to a happening place for entertainment. There is also one funny joke about this phrase told by Mr Hubby. I think most of the guys know the joke. However, congratulation to Janrywine J Lusin for the interesting performance. Bah enjoy, macam di KK oooh!

Matchiam di KK.. adaa di KK.. Aramaitii..

Friday, August 05, 2011

Satu Doa Untukmu - A Prayer For You

Thank you sis. This beautiful poem I pinjam dari The Mind Tripper’s Blog.

Buat Suamiku.. MEA

Selalu dalam simpuh

(as i bowed after prostration)

Selepas salam disampaikan

(after bidding my salaam upon the angels..)

Diantara begitu banyak permintaan saya,

(amongst du'aas poured for Him)

Sentiasa ada kamu..

(there is always about you)

Semoga keselamatan selalu melapisi letupan semangat yang hangat berpijar

(may Allah always protect you within your brave spirit)

Semoga basuhan air menyejukkan kebaikan hati yang siap menerangi dunia

(may Allah lights your heart to torch others)

Semoga keluarga dan orang-orang pilihan kamu selalu berada dekat dengan kamu

(may Allah keeps you surrounded by your beloved family and mates)

Semoga Tuhan menyayangi kamu, yang sudah menghadiahkan ketenangan pada saya

(may Allah shower you with all His love, as peace embraced my heart upon your presence)

Tapi diatas semuanya saya berdoa,

(but above all,i ask from Allah)

Semoga kamu hidup sebagai lelaki yang bahagia

(that you will be the happiest man)

Terkadang terselip satu penutup yang malu terucap

(but as a women im shy to ask)

Keinginan untuk mendampingi

(my desire to always be with you)

Keinginan untuk juga berbagi

(my desire to company you in happy or sad)

Biar Dia yang sampaikan

(i will let Him tell you)

Biar Dia yang lantunkan

(and i let Him whisper my wish for you)

Biar Dia yang lafazkan senandung rindu tanpa henti yang mengiringi langkah saya sepanjang hari

(may He inspire your heart towards me, in each steps of my journey of life everyday)

Menitipkan separuh kasih sayang pada Sahabat yang Maha Kuasa,

(being friend of Khalilullah (you))

Sudah jadi anugerah yang luar biasa

(is the best gift ever)

Menitipkan kamu pada Nya, adalah ungkapan kasih terbesar

(leaving you in His hand, is infinite expression of love)

Mendoakan kamu agar selalu dalam penjagaan Nya, adalah bentuk cinta termegah

(asking Him to take a very good care of you, is unexplain, purest form of love)

Memohon kesihatan kamu selalu dilindungi Nya, adalah rasa sayang paling lembut

(praying for your 'aafiah, is the most tender care i've ever gave to a man)

saya tiada punya apa-apa untuk ditawarkan

(and i have nothing to offer you, my dear..)

hanya itu saja..hanya itu saja..

(that is all..that is all..)

Semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah, lai.




Tunggul II

It has been two days, Danish complaining about one of his teeth. At first I thought it was just a trick so that he can buka puasa. But when I checked, the geraham ada lubang besar. So, yesterday we went to the dentist. He is the one who keep asking me to bring me to the dentist.  Browsed through my list of dentists’ clinic around KK, we decided to go to the nearest one in KingFisher.


Teh and Chan Dental Surgery, Lot 3-0 , Lorong Plaza Kingfisher 1, Plaza Kingfisher, 088386322

We were the only patient in the clinic, therefore no waiting needed. I like this. Last visit to the dentist, we need to wait for almost 1 hour before our turn.

Dr Philip Teh is very friendly. He introduced himself as ‘abang’ to Danish. After Danish told what’s the problem, abang Dr. checked his painful tooth.The nurse gave Danish a sunglasses to wear.  Then he explain thoroughly to Danish on what will he be doing for the next 10 minutes.  He also let Danish hold the tip of the ‘grounder-machine’. Do some demo on how the hose works and sucks the water from the grounder. Dr told whenever Danish feel any pain and wanted the Dr to stop, just raise his hand. Danish seems calmer than before.  


No need to pull the tooth but Danish had nerve inflammation which causing the pain. Abang Dr. put some filling in the tooth to protect and I think to reduce the pain. He asked us to come back after one week to put a proper restoration to the tooth.


Oh ya, the Abang Dr also promised to give Danish a Hello Kitty sticker after everything done. Instead, Danish asked for Ben 10 sticker. Hahaha.

The visit to the dentist was fun. Danish was happy as he can be.

See you next week, Abang Dr! Thank you very much Winking smile

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How to unsubscribe your CMT (Caller Ring Tone)

I subscribed the CMT several months before and found out, it's eating up my credit especially when I need them (my credit) the most. Here I would like to share how to unsubscribe your CMT. It is super easy.

  1.  Dial *118#. 
  2. A Menu will be displayed. Choose Answer/OK to reply. 
  3. Type '2. ChannelX' and send.
  4. Type '4. CMT' and send.
  5. Type '7. Unsubscribe' and send.
  6. You need to confirm by sending '1. Yes'.
You will receive an acknowledgement sms saying that you have successfully unsubscribe your CMT service.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Jar of Heart

Last week, Nurul participated in a singing competition called Bintang Kecil at her school. She loves singing. Like her father. For several weeks, she kept practising the song until Danish also knows few lines from the song. Yesterday, Misako got surprised when she brought home a winning trophy. Oh my, another singer in the family.

Nurul and friends

On October, there will be another competition ~ Best of the Best. So, will continue listening to this song until next Oct. Tahan2 saja lah telinga. Sampai Misako pun sudah mau hafal itu lagu. Not bad, enjoy this song. 

Monday, August 01, 2011

1 Ramadhan 1432

Today is the first day of fasting for us Muslims.  As usual it is quite a challenge especially for the little ones. Alhamdulillah, until now I can still survive. Thanks for the practice several weeks before this. Biasalah, ganti puasa bah.

Sahur is a must in my family. My hubby can get gastric if we skip sahur. Last night before bed,  I marinated my hubby’s favourite dish for 1st day fasting – lamb! Prepare the kangkung then off to bed. Woke up after the first ring of the alarm clock from my hp, rushed to the kitchen to prepare all the dishes. Ala kadar.

Coffee for me and milo for hubby and nurul. Then wake those sleepyhead up. No success on the attempt to wake up Danish. Three of us continue sahur until imsak, 4.40 am. Cleared up everything before continue ironing the uniforms. Just before the sun rise, Danish woke up and asked whether he still can eat. I said yes.  So there he is, sahur at 6.45 am ;)

9.30 am, it’s the second time Danish told me that he is hungry. Again, explained him the purpose of fasting for n th time. 

11.00 am, went to see Mr Supervisor. Several milestones have been set up. Takuut. One clear reminder for me.

“Starting from 1st August, change your mind set.. now,  you are a student! Start working on the papers. At the end of you study you should have 12 conference and journal papers. ”  His face and tone was so serious, that I can almost cry. I really need to digest the statement and  sleep over it. So,..

I am a student, once again!


ummi with lil Danial at Majlis Pertunangan Norhayati @ Kota Ayangan Keningau.

Ramadhan, kedatanganmu dinanti. Semoga segala ibadah di bulan mulia ini akan lebih baik kualiti dan kuantitinya berbanding bulan-bulan sebelum ini.  Selamat berpuasa rakan-rakanku.


dipinjam dari Blog Lanun Sepet. Makasih yaa.. ;)