Thursday, December 29, 2011

Selamat Memilih : SBPA

Tinggal besok untuk memulangkan borang opsyen. Hari ni, Misako duduk di opis sambil pikir2 mana satu yang terbaik. My En Hubby sign for 60 tahun. Hari tu janji mo sign opsyen bersara pada umur sama.

Wah, 60 tahun? Ndak terbayang Misako pi kelas sambil pegang tongkat menggigil2 mo marah student sebab ndak hantar assignment, lambat masuk kelas etc. Hahahaha. Pun ndak sanggup tercongok di rumah sorang-sorang menunggu en Hubby balik dari kerja.

So, macam mana? Bila call pejabat pendaftar tadi, opsyen lama Misako adalah bersara pada umur 55 tahun. Ni mau tambah lagi 60 tahun. Jadi Misako pun google lah anggaran kiraan pencen. Yang Misako tau, kalau bersara selepas 25 tahun perkhidmatan jumlah pencen yang akan kita dapat adalah 50% dari gaji akhir. Kalau 30 tahun, akan dapat 60% insyaAllah. Kira punya kira.. Misako akan berkhidmat lebih kurang 30 tahun kalau ambil pencen 58.. tapi dalam borang opsyen tiada pulak kotak mau tanda 58 tahun. Jadiiii…. iya, setelah fikir masak2 (mangkali) Misako pun tandalah 60 tahun. Sehati sejiwa dengan en Hubby tersayang. Uhuk..uhuk.. batuk pulak.

Satu lagi, daripada maklumat kengkawan dan blog Anyss ini.. kita boleh bersara lebih awal dari tarikh opsyen yang kita pilih dan boleh dapat pencen terus. Let say, mula-mula kita pilih opsyen 60 tahun tapi tiba2 seronok pulak main-main dengan cucu (kalau panjang umur dan ada rezeki InsyaAllah) pada umur 56 tahun, maka kita boleh dapat pencen terus. Ndak payah tunggu sampai umur 60 tahun (kalau mengikut SSM).

Ooi.. panjang pulak entri kali ni. Oklah, Misako mau hantar borang sudah ni. Buat kawan-kawan yang lain, selamat memilih!

dan.. Selamat Tahun Baru 2012!


pic masa kawin my cousin.. ;p

Friday, October 28, 2011

Current Favourite Song

I loved you for a thousand years.. will love you for a thousand more..

Sedang ‘in love’ dengan lagu ni. Rasanya lagu ni adalah salah satu lagu dalam soundtrack filem Twilight yg teSelrakhir tu. Ndak ingat apa tajuk filem tu. Tapi dalam official video clip ada diselit sedikit trailer pasal filem Twilight.

Liriknya sungguh romantis. Berangan-angan sekejap, menghayati bait-bait lirik. Bah, salam Jumaat yang barakah sahabat semua. Malam ini ada dinner sempena Hari Wanita di Magellan.

Selamat berhujung minggu ya!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jumaat yang Berkat

Assalamualaikum Winking smile

Hari yang ceria bermula dengan mood yang ceria. Di sini, saya rasa saya lebih dihargai, bukan sahaja sebagai pelajar tetapi juga sebagai rakan. Pagi-pagi tadi terserempak dengan dekan sekolah (tempat saya belajar). Beliau menyapa seperti seorang sahabat lama. Bertanya khabar dan keperluan untuk melancarkan lagi proses menimba ilmu saya ini. Agak terkejut sebab jarang-jarang orang besar-besar sudi menyapa ikan bilis seperti saya ini.

Maka atas sebab itu, mood saya sangat baik hari ini. Sampai di lab, terus cari kertas-kertas jurnal yang sudah dicetak, tapi belum dibaca. Hari ini saya bertekad untuk menghabiskan sekurang-kurangnya satu review paper.

Ok, saya sambung dulu. Oh ya, selamat berhujung minggu!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 1: The Lab

This is the 4th week in Semester 1. Beginning to like my ‘lil corner in the Lab, the place i spent the most of my next 3 years (hope I can complete within time)of  study. I still remember 2 weeks before, it can automatically trigger a headache just by thinking about coming to the lab. Imagine, for a decade I have my own cosy room where everything I need in order  to be a fully functioning teacher were just within my reach. But now, knowing that I need to move to another place in order for me to really feel   that i am now a student, is making me quite anxious. The smell of the lab enough to put my mood off . Next of course the migraine la..

Alhamdulillah, it is better now. I can sit several hours reading and doing stuff as student used to do. Need to have this important momentum to sail this journey. Like one of my good friend said.. It’s about time for me to jump into the ocean. Now I am in the ocean, and in need to learn how to swim. But before that I need to know how to float. Or otherwise I will be drowning.  Please ya Allah, don’t let me drown. Please give me the strength.

Still learning how to float, and sometimes it makes me tired. It is endless. So many thing need to read, yet so many thing need to understand. Most of the jargons are still aliens to me.

Now I need to jot down all the important points from my reading into my journal before the meeting with Dr Supervisor tomorrow.

Signing off,

Yours truly


my new cubicle.. Winking smile

Friday, October 14, 2011

I am a Student!

At last! It took me more than 10 years to make another ‘giant’ step in my life. Why? There are so many reasons.

  • Commitment – You name it. Work commitment, family commitment, etc.. etc..
  • The ‘love’ – I love to involve in research that got to do with learning or e-learning. Until the final month before I submitted my proposal to a prospect supervisor, I found another love! Haha..
  • Mr Supervisor – This is one of the most important criteria for you to consider. Of course we will never find a perfect Supervisor, but at least, this person should be the right one. The one who see you as a person, guide you through the journey, someone who knowledgeable to the field.
  • Over-the-sea – The most important of all is, I am quite reluctant to move to another place, especially over-the-sea. I might be new interesting life, but being me.. I don’t think I can cope with all the changes. Especially with my 3 schooling kids and full-of-commitment-hubby. This is why I have to take a decade to decide.

Alhamdulillah, one of my prayers had been answered by the All Mighty. To be a mother, a wife and a student at my own home, I mean here at KK. Am praying hard and of course struggling to be on time with all the schedule and milestone set by me and Mr Supervisor (DrABB).

So, now I am a student. Once again ;). Hope this journey brings me a lot of nice memories. A journey not only to broaden the border of knowledge but also to find my stand in this academia world. InsyaAllah.

Ya Allah, sahaja aku menimba ilmu keranaMu. Permudahkanlah perjalananku dan rakan2ku dalam perjuangan kami mencari ilmuMu. Amiin.

*For my own reference

How to write a research proposal :

How To Write a (Thesis / Dissertation) Proposal :

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Welcome Freshies!

It’s already 9th of Syawal. This morning when I arrived UMS, it was packed with traffics. This year, the excitement are quite different. Parents from all over Malaysia came to accompany their beloved son and daughter for the registration. I believe most of them has came to Sabah for their first time. They must be surprised to see our lovely campus and developed city when people from the other side of our country asked whether we Sabahan are still living on the tree. Even, one of my student’s mom  asked whether she can buy a pail here in KK.

My day continued with a delightful breakfast with my dear friend, but spoiled by my Danish when he throwing (all out) his tantrum. Request not to have nasi goreng with vegi, I picked and put all the vegi aside. Still he mengamuk. After some scene of persuading the bad mood boy, he began to calm down and finished the rice!

When I went back to the office, I accidentally bumped into a Wira. Seriously, I did not see the car although I look through the side and back mirror. Maybe because I am discussing with Danish about his tooth. Not until the driver honk me, only I realized there were a white car at the back of my car. But it was too late, I can hear the ‘kissing’ sound of the two cars. I parked somewhere and went to see his car. So malas to argue, I say sorry and offered him RM100. It’s only a small dent near the right wheel. I took his phone number, I don’t know what for. I asked him whether he is a student.. he was mad at me. After I paid the duit raya, he apologies for raising his voice.

Hmmm.. what an event to start my day. Still not in a good mood now. So, I told this to you my dear blog hoping it will ease my misery feeling.

For those freshmen, welcome to the real academic challenge. Welcome to the border of your childhood and as a young adult. Enjoy the experience. All the best!

309654_10150277676349075_654429074_7745686_6139056_n 316956_10150277687539075_654429074_7745783_4082304_n 297548_10150277688574075_654429074_7745795_140128_n

Happy Eidul Fitri!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Macam di KK

17th Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. May Allah give us strength and blessing to appreciate this holy month with more ibadah.

This morning, I reached office earlier than usual. One of the reason is because sending my dearest Nurul to the school then straight to the office. 6.24 am, yup that is waaay to early Winking smile.

First thing to do is to check the email. Nope, nothing important today. That’s good, so I can continue my reading that have been put to a long pause since last meeting with the supervisor. Bad, bad Misako!

Then I checked my FB (who doesn’t, kan?). My brother send this video to our family group. Macam di KK. It is a famous phrases in Sabah like, “OK bah kalau kau”, “aramaitiii” and so on. Macam di KK is referring to a happening place for entertainment. There is also one funny joke about this phrase told by Mr Hubby. I think most of the guys know the joke. However, congratulation to Janrywine J Lusin for the interesting performance. Bah enjoy, macam di KK oooh!

Matchiam di KK.. adaa di KK.. Aramaitii..

Friday, August 05, 2011

Satu Doa Untukmu - A Prayer For You

Thank you sis. This beautiful poem I pinjam dari The Mind Tripper’s Blog.

Buat Suamiku.. MEA

Selalu dalam simpuh

(as i bowed after prostration)

Selepas salam disampaikan

(after bidding my salaam upon the angels..)

Diantara begitu banyak permintaan saya,

(amongst du'aas poured for Him)

Sentiasa ada kamu..

(there is always about you)

Semoga keselamatan selalu melapisi letupan semangat yang hangat berpijar

(may Allah always protect you within your brave spirit)

Semoga basuhan air menyejukkan kebaikan hati yang siap menerangi dunia

(may Allah lights your heart to torch others)

Semoga keluarga dan orang-orang pilihan kamu selalu berada dekat dengan kamu

(may Allah keeps you surrounded by your beloved family and mates)

Semoga Tuhan menyayangi kamu, yang sudah menghadiahkan ketenangan pada saya

(may Allah shower you with all His love, as peace embraced my heart upon your presence)

Tapi diatas semuanya saya berdoa,

(but above all,i ask from Allah)

Semoga kamu hidup sebagai lelaki yang bahagia

(that you will be the happiest man)

Terkadang terselip satu penutup yang malu terucap

(but as a women im shy to ask)

Keinginan untuk mendampingi

(my desire to always be with you)

Keinginan untuk juga berbagi

(my desire to company you in happy or sad)

Biar Dia yang sampaikan

(i will let Him tell you)

Biar Dia yang lantunkan

(and i let Him whisper my wish for you)

Biar Dia yang lafazkan senandung rindu tanpa henti yang mengiringi langkah saya sepanjang hari

(may He inspire your heart towards me, in each steps of my journey of life everyday)

Menitipkan separuh kasih sayang pada Sahabat yang Maha Kuasa,

(being friend of Khalilullah (you))

Sudah jadi anugerah yang luar biasa

(is the best gift ever)

Menitipkan kamu pada Nya, adalah ungkapan kasih terbesar

(leaving you in His hand, is infinite expression of love)

Mendoakan kamu agar selalu dalam penjagaan Nya, adalah bentuk cinta termegah

(asking Him to take a very good care of you, is unexplain, purest form of love)

Memohon kesihatan kamu selalu dilindungi Nya, adalah rasa sayang paling lembut

(praying for your 'aafiah, is the most tender care i've ever gave to a man)

saya tiada punya apa-apa untuk ditawarkan

(and i have nothing to offer you, my dear..)

hanya itu saja..hanya itu saja..

(that is all..that is all..)

Semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah, lai.




Tunggul II

It has been two days, Danish complaining about one of his teeth. At first I thought it was just a trick so that he can buka puasa. But when I checked, the geraham ada lubang besar. So, yesterday we went to the dentist. He is the one who keep asking me to bring me to the dentist.  Browsed through my list of dentists’ clinic around KK, we decided to go to the nearest one in KingFisher.


Teh and Chan Dental Surgery, Lot 3-0 , Lorong Plaza Kingfisher 1, Plaza Kingfisher, 088386322

We were the only patient in the clinic, therefore no waiting needed. I like this. Last visit to the dentist, we need to wait for almost 1 hour before our turn.

Dr Philip Teh is very friendly. He introduced himself as ‘abang’ to Danish. After Danish told what’s the problem, abang Dr. checked his painful tooth.The nurse gave Danish a sunglasses to wear.  Then he explain thoroughly to Danish on what will he be doing for the next 10 minutes.  He also let Danish hold the tip of the ‘grounder-machine’. Do some demo on how the hose works and sucks the water from the grounder. Dr told whenever Danish feel any pain and wanted the Dr to stop, just raise his hand. Danish seems calmer than before.  


No need to pull the tooth but Danish had nerve inflammation which causing the pain. Abang Dr. put some filling in the tooth to protect and I think to reduce the pain. He asked us to come back after one week to put a proper restoration to the tooth.


Oh ya, the Abang Dr also promised to give Danish a Hello Kitty sticker after everything done. Instead, Danish asked for Ben 10 sticker. Hahaha.

The visit to the dentist was fun. Danish was happy as he can be.

See you next week, Abang Dr! Thank you very much Winking smile

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How to unsubscribe your CMT (Caller Ring Tone)

I subscribed the CMT several months before and found out, it's eating up my credit especially when I need them (my credit) the most. Here I would like to share how to unsubscribe your CMT. It is super easy.

  1.  Dial *118#. 
  2. A Menu will be displayed. Choose Answer/OK to reply. 
  3. Type '2. ChannelX' and send.
  4. Type '4. CMT' and send.
  5. Type '7. Unsubscribe' and send.
  6. You need to confirm by sending '1. Yes'.
You will receive an acknowledgement sms saying that you have successfully unsubscribe your CMT service.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Jar of Heart

Last week, Nurul participated in a singing competition called Bintang Kecil at her school. She loves singing. Like her father. For several weeks, she kept practising the song until Danish also knows few lines from the song. Yesterday, Misako got surprised when she brought home a winning trophy. Oh my, another singer in the family.

Nurul and friends

On October, there will be another competition ~ Best of the Best. So, will continue listening to this song until next Oct. Tahan2 saja lah telinga. Sampai Misako pun sudah mau hafal itu lagu. Not bad, enjoy this song. 

Monday, August 01, 2011

1 Ramadhan 1432

Today is the first day of fasting for us Muslims.  As usual it is quite a challenge especially for the little ones. Alhamdulillah, until now I can still survive. Thanks for the practice several weeks before this. Biasalah, ganti puasa bah.

Sahur is a must in my family. My hubby can get gastric if we skip sahur. Last night before bed,  I marinated my hubby’s favourite dish for 1st day fasting – lamb! Prepare the kangkung then off to bed. Woke up after the first ring of the alarm clock from my hp, rushed to the kitchen to prepare all the dishes. Ala kadar.

Coffee for me and milo for hubby and nurul. Then wake those sleepyhead up. No success on the attempt to wake up Danish. Three of us continue sahur until imsak, 4.40 am. Cleared up everything before continue ironing the uniforms. Just before the sun rise, Danish woke up and asked whether he still can eat. I said yes.  So there he is, sahur at 6.45 am ;)

9.30 am, it’s the second time Danish told me that he is hungry. Again, explained him the purpose of fasting for n th time. 

11.00 am, went to see Mr Supervisor. Several milestones have been set up. Takuut. One clear reminder for me.

“Starting from 1st August, change your mind set.. now,  you are a student! Start working on the papers. At the end of you study you should have 12 conference and journal papers. ”  His face and tone was so serious, that I can almost cry. I really need to digest the statement and  sleep over it. So,..

I am a student, once again!


ummi with lil Danial at Majlis Pertunangan Norhayati @ Kota Ayangan Keningau.

Ramadhan, kedatanganmu dinanti. Semoga segala ibadah di bulan mulia ini akan lebih baik kualiti dan kuantitinya berbanding bulan-bulan sebelum ini.  Selamat berpuasa rakan-rakanku.


dipinjam dari Blog Lanun Sepet. Makasih yaa.. ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

10 tahun!

Wah, ndak sedar.. sudah sepuluh tahun rupanya Misako mengajar di menara gading ini. Walaupun masih belum diiktiraf sebagai senior, tapi telah banyak pengalaman ditimba sepanjang satu dekad ini.

Friday, June 03, 2011

How To Write A Good Thesis

I am now in my full-swing-phd-mood. I will talk about my life-long-learning-journey just yet. But, this article is too good to be put into my favourite and after that I forget about it. Therefore, I would like to post it in this dear blog for my future reference. Once I start writing my thesis. Dear Merciful Allah, please guide me through this journey.

I am searching for an example on how to create my phd Gantt chart when I came across this, informative and wonderful website : PhD, Anyone? This article is belong to the writer. I am just sharing it here.

2 stages in reading a paper:
The first stage of reading is to learn fundamental knowledge
The second is to find faults - by being critical, we will get new ideas and problems

1 - 2 paragraphs
It is a summary of our research work

Table of content:
A section of equal importance
List headings and subheadings together with page numbers
"From here, the reviewer can see what you have done and how well you organize it."

Introduction Chapter:
-outline main contents of each chapter
"Put in the HOOK at the beginning of the intro to motivate the examiner to read on."
the HOOK is a word/phrase/sentence that can catch the reader's attention

Literature Review (LR):
"A good LR makes a good survey paper."
Discuss related literature in conjunction with our own ideas.
"Focus on how it (the paper) relates to your ideas and fit into your framework."
It is "like a tutorial".
"Write this chapter after you have finished all other chapters. The intro chapter is the 2nd last, then LR chapter."

Main work and result chapters (Chapter 3 - 7):
Provide answers to questions posed in the introduction chapter.
Give reasoning, proof, simulation & experimental results.

Summarize what was learnt and how it can be applied .
Mention the possibilities for some further research work - this is "must have" coz examiners are interested.

List all references cited in the text in alphabetical order.
"Learn to write a good (journal/conference) paper to write a good thesis"

I am about to jump into this new area. Will learn to swim once I am in the water ;) I really hope I will not drown. Let me survive, dear Allah.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Selamat Hari Guru

Selamat Hari Guru buat semua cikgu terutamanya buat mummy, hubby, sis & BIL & uncle2 aunty2.

Khas buat para guru dan pensyarah yang telah mendidik kami.. juga buat rakan2 seperjuangan.. 

Dengan pengorbanan dan peranan penting kalianlah, maka lahirlah para Doktor, Jurutera, Menteri, Cikgu, Pensyarah etc yang menjadi aset penting negara. Syabas! Semoga dikurniakan kesihatan dan umur yang panjang. Sentiasa dirahmati Allah. 

Somehow, you have touched our life. Terima kasih cikgu!teacher

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hidup Ini Ada Titik Akhir


Hidup kita sentiasa diselubungi dengan ketidak pastian.

Tidak pasti sama ada kita berjaya dalam pelajaran.

Tidak pasti sama ada kita berjaya dalam kerjaya.

Tidak pasti sama ada kita bahagia dalam perkahwinan dan berkeluarga.

Tidak pasti sama ada kita senang dengan kemewahaan harta benda.

Tapi ada satu janji Allah yang pasti. Pasti akan tiba. Mati.

Semua yang hidup pasti akan mati. Cuma ‘bila’ saatnya titik akhir itu tiba, kita tidak tahu. Tapi ianya pasti akan tiba. Tidak kiralah kita dalam keadaan senang, di saat kegemilangan atau pun di saat kita paling jatuh.

Semalam, kami kehilangan seorang sahabat yang baik hati. Pemergiannya mengejutkan semua orang. Dia yang kukenali sangat peramah dan ceria. Sentiasa menghidupkan suasana di pejabat. Ada saja celotehnya yang menarik perhatianku. Dari cerita berkenaan kerja sehinggalah cerita mengenai anak-anak.

Arwah adalah ‘the living walking directory’ di pejabat. Tanyalah nombor telefon siapa saja di SKTM pasti dia akan tahu. Setidak2nya, beliau akan tolong carikan sampai dapat. Ingatan beliau begitu kuat, hinggakan no. telefon ku pun dihafalnya ;) Even nama penuh student dan course pun dia ingat. Di manakan dapat dicari ganti.

Walaupun kita dipisahkan dengan alam yang berlainan, Allahyarham Awang Latif, engkau akan sentiasa hidup di dalam memori kami. Celoteh mu, ambil beratmu, sifat membantumu, akan kekal sebagai kenangan indah buat kami. Lagu Memikat Jiwa yang selalu engkau dendangkan, akan kekal menjadi trade mark lagu mu :D.

Moga engkau lebih tenang di sana , Tip. Doa kami akan setiasa mengiringimu. Semoga ia sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu menerangi dan meluaskan tempat persemadianmu. Tidurlah dalam kasih sayang Allah. Semoga roh mu ditempatkan bersama orang-orang beriman. InsyaAllah, doa anak-anakmu yang soleh dan segala perbuatan baik mu dulu akan sentiasa menjadi penawar buat mu di alam barzakh.

Entah bila titik akhir akan tiba buat diriku. Semoga Allah memberi peluang untukku terus beribadat padaMu, ya Allah. Amiin.

The last pic of Allahyarham Awang Latif and friends taken by mr Hubby during Sambutan Maulidur Rasul peringkat Negeri.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Best of Luck

All the best to all UMS students in their exam. Whether you are in your first year or final year, the exams are equally important. Not just for the sake of the exam itself, but also for your self achievement. Learning new subjects through out the semester, not it’s time for you to reflect all the knowledge that you have picked along the way.

Please be smart in answering your exam. For me, I prefer in point-form, written-nicely and write in your language instead of the language-of-the-notes.

Come earlier. Make sure you come at least half an hour before the exam start. Be calm. Recite Al-Fatihah as much as you can. InsyaAllah it will help you to keep calm. Too nervous will sometime chase away the points in your head.

Doa. After all the effort that you have put in, tawakkal and doa are important. For Allah is the only one we turn to.

Write down all the important point or formula before you start answering the questions.

At the moment that’s all I can think of. Bah, jawab baik-baik ya. To my students, thank for the opportunity to share the knowledge with you. There are a lot more the share, but I think it is enough for you to start off for your future undertakings. Saya halalkan apa-apa ilmu yang telah kita kongsikan. Wish you the best in whatever you do. ;)

good luck

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sehari Dalam Hidup Misako


Kepulangan misako disambut dengan aroma nasi yang baru masak. Pasti mr hubby sudah siap- siap masak nasi. Terima kasih, yang! Ruang tamu sunyi tanpa suara anak-anak. Pasti semuanya di atas, melayan ps2 yang baru dibeli mr hubby. Akhirnya ps2 dibeli juga setelah lama dipertimbangkan.

Tiba2 danish datang menyapa. " ummi sudah balik? Tepat pada masanya!"
"kenapa?" misako musykil.
"bolehlah ummi masak". Ujar danish selamba. Misako senyum saja. "sekejap lagi ya, lepas ummi solat".

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bulan Dua

Lama sungguh Misako tidak mencoret di sini. Walaupun kekadang keinginan untuk meluahkannya pada mu wahai blog ku, tapi bagai ada saja alasan dan sebab sehinggakan kau tidak ku jenguk apatahlah meninggalkan nota. Maaf ya, blog. Untuk itu, Misako ingin menebus kembali masa-masa yang telah berlalu tanpa Misako mengundangmu untuk sama-sama menghadapi beberapa saat getir dan manis sepanjang tahun ini.

Tahun baru

Tahun baru kali ini berlalu seperti biasa, cuma kali ini Misako tidak menyenaraikan resolusi yang harus Misako capai. Walaupun begitu, ada satu agenda penting dalam hidup Misako yang hampir pasti untuk dimasukkan dalam diari hidup. Belajar. Kali ini Misako nekad. Misako akan sambung belajar. Akan dilanjutkan cerita pasal belajar ini di entri yang lain.


Semalam, pelajar-pelajar turun mengundi untuk pemilihan ahli Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar. Melihat skrin informasi di foyer SKTM tadi, pelajar yang turun semalam hanya 69%. Mungkin selebihnya tidak kisah atas sebarang impak terhadap hasil proses semalam. Biarlah.

Ok, setakat itu saja idea yang dapat dicoretkan di sini. Buntu pulak.
Jumpa lagi dalam entri akan datang.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New Babe

Last month, misako received a special gift from her parents. They said the new babe is a motivation for me to complete my highest education. PhD. Thanks mummy and ayah. You both are the best!

Hope it will accompany me through the goods and the bads of the journey.

Psst** will post the pic of the new babe soon.