Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year

New year, new semester.. new resolution?

Wish you all and dear blog a happy new year.. may next year will be more posting and prosperous!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lunch with the Dragons

Yesterday, I had lunch with my two beautiful friends. The dragons. Haha, we born in the same year and also my little Alice Cullen - she is also a dragon.. golden dragon.

I always enjoy the get-together-activity with this two lovely ladies. We share all the tears and joy being a mum. Talked about our work, life and kids. Changing updates about movies, books and tv series. Love every moment with them. Like Az said, we vow to meet more often next year.

Both this ladies are a creative and a good writer. Their blogs are inspiring. And they both are born in December. Hmmm.. a good coincidence kah?

Yeah, I am looking forward for more gathering next year! Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

5 Years


5 years ago..

senyum-dulu Danish-jgn-nangis saya-nak-jugak dan-lagii

I still remember, the contraction started that night. Mild. I can still sleep with it. So, nope not tonight.

Early in the morning, the contraction became stronger. This must be it. Told hubby, need to go to the hospital. It was approximately 9 am. On the way to the hospital at Likas, asked hubby to drop me at the Gergasi to buy some magazines. Still can tahan the sakit..

Luckily the traffic was not that heavy. Reached as-em-cee around 15 minutes to 10. Went to register while hubby was parking the car. The contraction interval was around 10 minutes apart. Trying to bear with the pain. Couldn't sit down. Filled up the form while standing. Asked hubby to call our gyne, found out he just left the building 5 minutes ago.

Right away, I was admitted and checked-up. Dilation was already 5 cm. Contraction became stronger. My gyne arrived about 15 minutes after that. He was been in the hospital since 5 am for another patient. Checked me up then he broke the water sag. Suddenly the contraction was unbearable. I asked the nurse to change the mat cause it's so wet. During the changing, she saw something. Meconium. She saw the meconium-stained in the amniotic fluid. Quickly, the nurse-in-charge called my gnye. Dr Gyne came and explained to hubby and me that we need to act fast because the baby is under pressure. We decided to wait for another 15 minutes and after some thorough discussion with hubby, we agreed to do c-section.
Will continue soon… :D 

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Next Step

Last Monday, I received this letter calling for interview for SL. It was a mixture of happy and anxious. Happy because after 10 years of teaching, at last I will be evaluated for the promotion. Anxious because I don't like interview session!

Yes, 10 years for a promotion is a very very long time. Most of my friends are either furthering their studies or joining another line of career.There are several steps before you can apply for SL. It is not time-based promotion like teacher. Although you are eligible to apply (according to the marks you get from the CVOnline), but you still need to 1)confirmed and 2) pass the PTK. Besides, you also need to have a list of publications and social works too. I am really bad at documentation. So, there it goes some of my marks for social works. I can't remember many of the social works that I get involve with. One of my colleague said we need to score at least 80 marks for 3 years in a row for the SKT in order for you to be considered for the promotion. But if you get your DR, the promo is sort of automatic.
Gambar Hiasan.. tiada kena mengena ;p

Why don't just go for phd then apply the post, then? Wohoo.. it's the money-matters, of course. I hope I can get the rise before 'jumping' to the phd thingy. I don't think I can afford to fly back and forth to KL with my current salary. Ikat perut lah tu..
The interview will be on next Thursday. So wish me luck! The candidates from our department applying for the same promotion is in quite a long list. And I really hope I am lucky. The competition will be tough.


I called the person in charge.. the interview is postponed. The shocking news is.. there will be a quota! Only 1/3 will be promoted. Oh no! Suddenly my vision becomes blurred. Turn out, the light at the end of the tunnel is only a fata morgana.
Mood : Sad :(

Friday, December 04, 2009

New Look

It's hard to find the EOL in my to-do list. The task is keep piling up, one after another. Macamlah org lain tidak mengalami perkara yg sama. Though, I still awake in this wee hour to do some makeover on my blog. Lately, you have been forgotten. I am sorry. Blame it on my business and also the FB. I have done marking the exam papers for the full time student, but yet to finish the PLUMS'. Bila tu due date dia? Tomorrow I need to attend the PLUMS FYP presentation some more.

Talking about the new look.. which one is better? This fancy kaleidoscope,

or this simple woody?

I prefer to have simple background. But I also love the fancy one! So, which one do you think look good on me (the blog, of course!)?

Credit to Cheap Hosting and Theme Craft.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tragedi Bot Karam Pulau Banggi, Kudat

Bila : 27 November 2009, lebih kurang 5.30 pm (sejam selepas berlepas dr Kudat)
Di mana : Perairan Kudat
Siapa : Kawan adik saya

Sedih. Walaupun Misako tidak mengenali mereka yang terlibat dalam tragedi itu, tapi Misako rasa amat sedih. Setiap hari Misako mengikuti perkembangan tragedi tersebut melalui twitter one of the victims brother (#botkaram). Bertambah sayu bila membaca post kawan-kawan mereka di FB (Nadya Yahya).

Sahabat adik saya tu adalah pasangan suami isteri.. Nadya dan Eroy. Mereka baru berkahwin bulan Mei lepas. Apa yang membuatkan saya lebih terasa apabila mendengar kisah si suami yang terjun ke laut setelah berjaya diselamatkan apabila mengetahui isterinya masih lagi hilang di laut. Bagai post terakhir Nadya di FB nya.. "cinta mati .. harus dijaga sampai mati". Itukah harga sebuah cinta suci? Apapun keputusan Eroy ketika itu, janganlah kita persoalkan, pasti ada jawapannya tersendiri yang kini tidak akan terjawab. Kedua-dua mereka terkorban bersama-sama ibu dan adik Nadya (Raihana - pelajar SST, UMS). Begitu juga beberapa orang mangsa yang lain yang juga keluarga Nadya.

Kepada keluarga Nadya, Eroy dan semua yang terkorban, tabahkan hati. Pastinya berat mata kita melihat, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. Nadya, walaupun kita tidak sempat dan tidak punya peluang berkenalan, Misako panjatkan doa agar kalian ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman.



Az send me a link to Norif's blog. I cried when I read the post about the tragedy. Semoga mereka yang terkorban damai di sana..