Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hair Cut

It was more than 2 years ago since the last time I had my hair cut. Because of current situation (hot,hot,hot), I asked hubby to help me to cut my hair. He has been my barber since we got married. Not only me, all my kiddos also became his regular customer except for Nurul.

I feel 'lighter' with my new hair. Easy to maintain, maa..

Rain, Rain, where are you?

It has been, 3 - 4 days without rain in KK. It was hardly to see any cloud these days. Very hot, lor. I remember one of my friend said, you need to make a whistling sound to call the rain. Superstition I guess. Whatever sound it is, dear rain, please have a visit!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Currently I am pening2 sorting out my resits, documents related to the tax declaration. I really need to organize all the clutters (memos, resits, billing, etc). I am not the 'filing' person. Really hard to search for the specific documents when it is in a pile of papers!

So friends, have you done yours? Starting this year the exercise is fully online. Ok, still need to figure out hubby's password coz I am the one who did for him last year. Crack my head, I forgot the password. Need to call the LHDN lah ni to retrieve new password.

This is the URL : https://e.hasil.gov.my

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pseudomembrane with Conjunctivitis

Wow, I feel like a doctor, “you got pseudomembrane in your eyes”. My hubby was infected with conjunctivitis after Danial’s. That was about 2 weeks ago. However, he is still not recovered although we have gone to several doctors. After numbers of visit to the doctors and sheets of MC, there is still no sign of recovering. His eyes is swollen, badly. So, we decided to go to Dr. Ahmad once again and find out that hubby got pseudomembrane in his eyes. This is a complication of the conjunctivitis. The Dr. send him to a review at the Eye Clinic, Queen Elizabeth.

DSC00302   DSC00303

I accompanied hubby to the Queen. Quite scary because they will removed the excessive membrane in his eyes. But the treatment is not that bad. Not sure what they did because I was waiting outside but according to hubby the doctor use a ‘machine’ like when you want to check your eyes at the opto. But this one with some ‘light’ which I assume laser. Burn the membrane then the doctor took it out (sapu2 jak guna cotton ball). Will have another review this Friday and in the mean while, cuti lagi 5 hari! Harap2 cepat sembuh, dear hubby.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


"Ana, dr harimi mninggal smlm"

I was very shocked when I received an sms from Sal. I saw him walking to his room last week. I also saw his wife somewhere around the office. He was a very nice guy. I remembered the students did liked him, he was with the most nomination for best lecturer some years ago.

For several years, he was wearing sun glasses all the time. He had a cancer. They said it was his eyes and after the operations and chemotherapy it has spread an became brain tumor. Some said he went to coma because of his lung failure.

After I heard the news, I called my brother (he was arwah’s student before) and my friend Az and Sar. The news spread very fast. Most of us were shocked. We (Hidayati and me) went to the SMC, but he was in the mortuary. So, we went to see his wife instead. She was really calm as well as his daughter.

Noreemah sent them home and we followed. At home, his daughter draw a picture of a man, I believed it was his father and gave it to her mom. They cried.  It was very emotional.

May his soul rest peacefully. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat Allah yang Maha Pengasih. Sesungguhnya ajal dan maut di tangan Tuhan.



Monday, April 13, 2009


Starting from today, I will be hardly found in my room (dear students) coz that 'time' has started. Yeah, Final Year Project presentation has started. It's also referred as viva. Most of the CS lecturer will also involved, most of the time. The FYP thingy will be until this Friday. Hope to see more 'nice' project this time. Also hoping everybody(students) will doing good for their FYP presentation. Last semester, we got several students cried. We did not do anything abusive ya.. just suddenly that girl cried. I think she nows that she did not do well.

Lunch hour - just got back from the lab. Have a short break before continue another session this afternoon. Layan several blogs, my daily dossage. Yatt introduce me to this interesting guys. I am having fun hearing their creative song. One of them is the singer Akbar, and according to Yatt the other one is the brother of Faizal Tahir.

If you feel boring, just lend them your ears. Enjoy!

Caution : Awas, merbahaya utk telinga yg tidak sporting. Gila betul this two mamat, KOQ!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Computer Science Night

Attended Computer Science Dinner last night. Organized by our CS student club. That was my first experience having dinner function at Beverly Hotel and it was nice. I like the menu, especially the Tom Yam sup. Also the sweet n sour fish, taste more like asam laksa. Yummy. I skipped the nasi goreng. Got advice from dear friend to reduce nasi goreng or mee goreng. So, I lost 3 kilos since last week. Yahoo.. !

Last night was interesting. The students were really showing off. Melaram sakan. Most of the girls wearing sleeveless gown. Nice but too sexy some of them. The boys, ya they look hansome. I only know my third year student. Can't remember second year's and only recognize the familiar faces of my mentee, first year batch. The guest of honor was Mr. Razif on behalf of the dean. Salmah gave her opening speech and Dr. Rayner talked about the reality of CS student. Yes, programming. You need to fall in love with the Mr. Programming if you want to be CS student. One of our successful alumni was also invited. He is now working with the international company at KL Secure lots of international project. I really love when he said " I never regret to be one of graduates from UMS!".

Most of the attenddee were chinese students, so when they performed the sang Chinese song. Then they have games and I got to pick the King of the Night! He is from the first year batch.
Dr. Rayner picked the Queen of the Night.

All in all, I enjoyed the event. I always enjoy whatever event organized by the student. Although it's quite funny to see their arrangement which is somehow carried away, but for me oklah.. it's their night, what.

Congratulations to all my students who are going to finish their studies. Wish you all the best.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Doa Syifa

Kali ini, giliran saya pula mendapat sakit mata. Setelah seminggu mengusung Danial ke sana kemari kerana sibuk menguruskan Seminar Semantic tempohari, saya memohon cuti. Jumaat dan Isnin. Selasa kembali bekerja walaupun sakit mata Danial masih bersisa sedikit. Cuma bengkak tanpa mata yang merah seperti mula2 dahulu.

Di rumah, hubby dan Danish juga menurut jejak langkah Danial. Dua2nya gembira mendapat MC dari doktor. Sambil2 itu, saya juga terkesan dengan jangkitan kuman sakit mata ni. Cuma pesan doktor, jangan digosok mata yang infected itu. Agar ia dapat dikawal dan tidak melarat. Sakit mata biasanya datang bersama selsema. One package. Jadi atas sebab itulah mengapa biasanya para pengamal perubatan memberi MC. Agar berehat sepenuhnya di rumah.

Sambil mencari penawar alternatif, pelbagai nasihat juga telah diterima. Antaranya adalah mengamalkan doa Syifa, doa penyembuh penyakit. Sungguh kesal kerana telah terlupa hafalan doa ini setelah melahirkan Danial tempohari. Semasa melahirkan juga elok diamalkan doa ini memohon kepada Allah untuk mengurangkan sakit bersalin.

Maka setelah digoogle, saya menemuinya di blog: MobileMom dan SiberKid. Mohon empunya blog memberi keizinan untuk meletakkannya di blog ini bagi faedah bersama. Caranya, dimulakan dengan surah al-Fatihah dan diikuti dengan doa syifa, kemudian ditiupkan ke mata yg infected. Sambil berdoa kepada Allah minta disembuhkan.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

"a breathless, exciting story, heartbreaking and exhilarating." – Chicago Sun Times

"the film world's first globalized masterpiece.” – Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Jurnal

Watched the movie that was recommended by Niezam. I gave 2 thumbs-up for this brilliant Donny Boyle’s movie. It is a British made movie and was filmed 100% in India. This movie shows how a bunch of slum kids grew up near a train station.

The stories of the slum kids were embedded in Jamal’s (Dave Patel) flashback during participating in the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” He knows almost all the answers, which cause a suspicion by the host (Anil Kumar). How could an uneducated, slum kid knows all the correct answer? The police now suspect Jamal of cheating, because the other possibilities -- that he has a vast knowledge, or that he is very lucky -- seem unlikely. While being interrogated, events from his life history are shown which explain why he knows the answers.

Two of the cast Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail played as Salim (youngest), Jamal’s brother and Rubina Ali as Latika, Jamal’s first love, were a real slum kids. There are a lot of controversy on the amount of payment these kids received. Some said they are under paid in relatively to the other actors, but Boyle and Colson have stated that they have "set up trust funds for Rubina and Azharuddin and paid for their education," although the exact amount of the trust funds is not known. This has also been met with criticism as there is question as to how children growing up in the slums have any expectation of being able to attend higher education, making the trust fund potentially useless.[1]

Awards and honours [Wikipedia]

Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire is highly acclaimed, named in the top ten lists of various newspapers.[59] On 22 February 2009 the film won eight out of ten Academy Awards it was nominated for, including the Best Picture and Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, and Best Original Song (two songs were nominated from the film; "Jai Ho" won the award), losing only Best Sound Editing to The Dark Knight. It is only the eighth film ever to win eight Academy Awards [60] and the eleventh Best Picture Oscar winner without a single acting nomination. [61]

The film also won all four of the Golden Globe Awards it was nominated for, including Best Drama Film; five of the six Critics' Choice Awards for which it was nominated; and seven of the eleven BAFTA Awards for which it was nominated, including Best Film.

For me, 5 stars!

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Sakit Mata

It has been more than a week. I can see Danial’s sore eyes are getting better. However, I am planning to have another day off tomorrow. I don’t think the nursery will accept him for tomorrow. Therefore, I really hope he will fully recover the day after.


Get well really soon dear son. I love you.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Random Pics Part 2

This entry does not have any specific title. I wanted to put some pics so long ago, but forgotten.

DSC00268 DSC00267

Smile dear friends! Thanks to my ‘lil sis. She gave me 1/2 a dozen of these beautiful cup cakes. It taste good although I am not a real fan of cupcakes.

DSC00274 DSC00273

That’s our seat number. During last school holiday, we went to watch “Race to Witch Mountain” at 1B. That is Danish kena candid tengah berabis makan popcorn.

DSC00254 DSC00253

One beautiful Sunday went to Tamu Jln Gaya. Did not have opportunity to shoot pics, sebok jaga anak. Took some rest at the side of the road sambil makan2 n minum2 (the kiddos). Penyaram is the fav kuih of Danial, and Danish berabis makan mee. Dont worry sudah cuci tangan tu.


My Nurul started blogging end of last year. I hope it will help her in her English writing and karangan.


Rich Tea. During my study dulu, I really love this biskut. Cicah ngan air teh lagi.. wow..del.icio.us. I bought this one at Tong Hing.


The not so new MAS seating cover. Colourful. I like.. Taken last year during my trip to Langkawi.


DSC00091 DSC00090

31st Dec 2008. Nurul got her hair cut before the school open for new semester.

taman DSC00108

1st January 2009. We went to Taman Umum at Tanjung Lipat Teluk Likas. 


This is my report card during primary school. My mom found it at home and bring it to KK for my kids collection. Actually I am not that good student. I went to mission school, St. Monica. Most of the student is chinese. We were only around 6 Malays in my class. I learn to speak cantonese during those years.

Ok, that’s all folks. For now… have a nice weekend.

Psst.. I am on leave tomorrow. Do dont check me in my room.