Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marking Exam Paper

Okay, I have started marking the exam paper this morning. After done some simple maths calculation, I must at least finish marking 30 - 40 paper per day. That's mean I can only finish marking 3 - 4 days. That is only for Distributed System's and I also have another 40++ papers for Multimedia System. Hope David Archuleta can peace me with his beautiful voice (currently listening to his songs @ Youtube) Hmm.. OK lah.. gtg, exam papers.. here I come... Chaiyo..chaiyo..

Concentrate - During the MM Sys Exam

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Naza Kia

Everyday when I fetch my darlings Danish and Danial from their playschool, we will have interesting chit chat. After I fasten their seat belt, switch on the radio, and start asking questions like -

Misako : Danish belajar apa hari ini?
Danish : Danish nyanyi-nyanyi. (Start singing Mary Had a Little Lamb)
and I sang together with him.
Suddenly there is an advertisement of Naza Kia on the radio - HotFM.

Danish : Ummi, apa tu Naza Kia?
Misako : Ooo.. Naza Kia tu kereta?
Danish : Apa tu kereta? (Macam lah dia ndak tau apa tu kereta)
Misako : Kereta? Kereta tu Car..
Danish : Apa tu car?
Misako : Car tu kereta lah..

and so on.. At last he was laughing. May be this time he was not successful to make me bored with the 'interesting' questions.

It has been ages..

Since I last write something in this blog. Busy? Yeah.. but most of the time, I don't know what to write. When I thought something and want to jot it down, I was too busy and it's just slipped out of my mind. So now, with the semester break approaching, I hope I will have more time to really blog. Not for anyone out there to read, but at least when my children has grown up, we can refresh the memories reading the entries. Will try to write something at least once in a week. Once again, I cross my finger. ;)