Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Welcome Freshies!

It’s already 9th of Syawal. This morning when I arrived UMS, it was packed with traffics. This year, the excitement are quite different. Parents from all over Malaysia came to accompany their beloved son and daughter for the registration. I believe most of them has came to Sabah for their first time. They must be surprised to see our lovely campus and developed city when people from the other side of our country asked whether we Sabahan are still living on the tree. Even, one of my student’s mom  asked whether she can buy a pail here in KK.

My day continued with a delightful breakfast with my dear friend, but spoiled by my Danish when he throwing (all out) his tantrum. Request not to have nasi goreng with vegi, I picked and put all the vegi aside. Still he mengamuk. After some scene of persuading the bad mood boy, he began to calm down and finished the rice!

When I went back to the office, I accidentally bumped into a Wira. Seriously, I did not see the car although I look through the side and back mirror. Maybe because I am discussing with Danish about his tooth. Not until the driver honk me, only I realized there were a white car at the back of my car. But it was too late, I can hear the ‘kissing’ sound of the two cars. I parked somewhere and went to see his car. So malas to argue, I say sorry and offered him RM100. It’s only a small dent near the right wheel. I took his phone number, I don’t know what for. I asked him whether he is a student.. he was mad at me. After I paid the duit raya, he apologies for raising his voice.

Hmmm.. what an event to start my day. Still not in a good mood now. So, I told this to you my dear blog hoping it will ease my misery feeling.

For those freshmen, welcome to the real academic challenge. Welcome to the border of your childhood and as a young adult. Enjoy the experience. All the best!

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Happy Eidul Fitri!