Thursday, June 16, 2011

10 tahun!

Wah, ndak sedar.. sudah sepuluh tahun rupanya Misako mengajar di menara gading ini. Walaupun masih belum diiktiraf sebagai senior, tapi telah banyak pengalaman ditimba sepanjang satu dekad ini.

Friday, June 03, 2011

How To Write A Good Thesis

I am now in my full-swing-phd-mood. I will talk about my life-long-learning-journey just yet. But, this article is too good to be put into my favourite and after that I forget about it. Therefore, I would like to post it in this dear blog for my future reference. Once I start writing my thesis. Dear Merciful Allah, please guide me through this journey.

I am searching for an example on how to create my phd Gantt chart when I came across this, informative and wonderful website : PhD, Anyone? This article is belong to the writer. I am just sharing it here.

2 stages in reading a paper:
The first stage of reading is to learn fundamental knowledge
The second is to find faults - by being critical, we will get new ideas and problems

1 - 2 paragraphs
It is a summary of our research work

Table of content:
A section of equal importance
List headings and subheadings together with page numbers
"From here, the reviewer can see what you have done and how well you organize it."

Introduction Chapter:
-outline main contents of each chapter
"Put in the HOOK at the beginning of the intro to motivate the examiner to read on."
the HOOK is a word/phrase/sentence that can catch the reader's attention

Literature Review (LR):
"A good LR makes a good survey paper."
Discuss related literature in conjunction with our own ideas.
"Focus on how it (the paper) relates to your ideas and fit into your framework."
It is "like a tutorial".
"Write this chapter after you have finished all other chapters. The intro chapter is the 2nd last, then LR chapter."

Main work and result chapters (Chapter 3 - 7):
Provide answers to questions posed in the introduction chapter.
Give reasoning, proof, simulation & experimental results.

Summarize what was learnt and how it can be applied .
Mention the possibilities for some further research work - this is "must have" coz examiners are interested.

List all references cited in the text in alphabetical order.
"Learn to write a good (journal/conference) paper to write a good thesis"

I am about to jump into this new area. Will learn to swim once I am in the water ;) I really hope I will not drown. Let me survive, dear Allah.