Monday, December 29, 2008

Adios 1429 H /2008, Welcome 1430 H /2009!

Salam Maal Hijrah! Happy New Year. Maal Hijrah a.k.a Awal Muharram is a new year celebration for the Muslim. Muharram is the first month in Islamic calendar. Maal Hijrah also mark the day when Prophet Muhammad S.A.W with the muslims 628 years back, moved from Mekah to Madinah. Penghijrahan ini kini menjadi simbolik kepada umat manusia untuk berhijrah dan berubah dari keadaan sekarang kepada yg lebih baik. Berazam utk merubah kelemahan dan kekurangn diri secara istiqamah dan berterusan.

Ada ketikanya terleka daripada menunaikan tuntutan agama, Insyaallah next year akan berusaha menunaikan pekara tersebut dengan lebih sempurna. Menjadi manusia yang lebih berguna kepada agama, bangsa dan negara. Menjadi ibu, isteri dan anak yang lebih memahami, bertanggungjawab dan sabar. Menjadi guru yang lebih berilmu dan menyampaikan perkara2 yg baik, memimpin anak didik kepada kebenaran serta dpt memanfaatkan ilmu pengetahuan yg disampaikan.

Salam Maal Hijrah semua!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Template: Disaster!

I am about to try my new layout. Before I reload the template, I have already saved the old one. However, the new look does not displayed as I expected. Byk column yang lari. So, I decided to keep the old one.
At first I installed this template, but did not displayed properly

But when I try to reload my old template, most of my widget are gone! Punya lah bengang ni. Mana lah mo cari balik sources of those widget. So, now I am trying to install another new template. Still working on it. Hopefully can finished it by tonight.

Then, I downloaded this one but no success

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Yahooo! Hari kami sudah siap training CCNA 2: Routing Protocol. Baru jak lepas skill based exam. Lulus dengan cemerlang lagi.. hahaha.. susah jugak kena kira subnetting. VLSM lagi. Lepas tu kena set routing protocol pulak. Waduh, nasib lah kerana aku seorang cikgu.. dalam bidang networking ni.. kena lah tau benda2 network ni.. kalau ndak mcmana mo mengajar kan.. nanti the blind leading the blind. Susah tu..

Bah, hopefully dengan adanya ilmu yg sedikit ni, boleh lah dikongsi dengan anak2 murid kelak. Insyaallah akan upgrade lagi ilmu yang ada.


Some pics taken throughout the training.

The guy in orange T is our instructor. He was checking the router configuration done by Razi (blue-T). Sal was calculationg the VLSM before configuring the network.

Goodbye My Friend

Goodbye My Dearest Friend

© Leilani Hermosa Petersen

The hardest part of any friendship
is when it is time to say goodbye,
and even though I wished I could make you stay,
I know I got to let you spread your wings and fly.

For life is a journey that needs to be travelled
and I am certain you'd make it through,
I just want you to know and never forget
that we will surely miss you.

So follow your heart and never give up,
as dreams and wishes do come true,
for I know that someday we'll meet again,
so never forget I will be praying for you.

To my dearest friend Fid.. I wish u all the best in what ever you do. I believe you know what is best for you. You are like a sister to me. Take care ya!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrate it. May this holiday bring joyful and prosperous to you.

9 years ago, back in Glasgow.. we experience our first Christmas abroad. It's quite different, of course. Especially when it's snowing! They said it had been years since they celebrate white christmas. I still remember, on the christmas eve we had an usrah at SUMSA - lebih kurang mcm surau lah. On the way back, it was snowing. Apalagi.. first time jumpa the real snow.. kebaru-baruan bah. Kesukaan betul when the snow land at my hand. Hubby pun apa lagi, ambik gambar berabis. Padahal masa tu malam sudah.. ndak lah nampak apa-apa. The decoration was really nice.

Nantilah kalau ada masa, I scan and put the pics here.

Tapi kalau p 1B pun apa kurangnya. Ada snow lagi every 1 hour.

K, need to sign out now.. My Danial nangis2 sudah.. c ya..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

xUKMS Matriculation (94&95) Re-Union

Calling to all xUKMS Matriculation year 1994 & 1995! We will have our first re-union!

When? 5th June 2009 [7 - 11 pm]
Where? Pacific Sutera, KK [will confirm if got changes]
What? "A Night to Remember"
How? Contact me:, Adlin, Nurulalsah
Others : Ticket RM95/pax [can bring spouse]
Got mystery gift, Guest of honour Dr Dayang, Lucky draw, etc.

For future information, pls join us at the Facebook : UKMS Reunion

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jadual Gaji 2009

Ni jadual gaji utk yang kerja ngan kerajaan jak lah.. yg kerja sendiri tu.. gaji hari2 pun masukkan..;) Jadual ni dicilok dari blog Yatt.. Mohon dibenarkan yaa.. Yatt :D Untuk kegunaan bersama bah.. tengikiu..tengkiu..

psst! buat sesapa yg nak copy paste this table.. silakan.. but at least can u jot down sikit kat my comment? Sekurang2nya.. dapatlah juga saya melawat blog sedara sedari ;P


Sema.. sema pulak (as Danish mention selsema). Sudah 2 hari.. mungkin sebab penat.. sudah lah tu, mata pun merah. Sakit mata, sakit tekak, rasa mcm mo demam. Bilang org, tidak sedap badan. Tapi minggu ni masih lagi kena attend Cisco training hingga hari Sabtu. Aduuuh.. sakit kepalaku..

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Haa.. ni bukan gigitan cinta ya.. Kemarin Danish gaduh ngan kawan di play school. Danish is a very active and curios boy. Tersangatlah.. nakal.. There is a boy, Mamat (bukan nama sebenar) always carry his teddy around. Nak dijadikan cerita, Danish p rebut teddy tu.. Mamat mengamuk, terus gigit Danish di pipi. Besar jugalah bekas gigitan tu.. lebam. Apa lagi.. Danish pun teriak dan nangis kuat.

When I pick up the boys, I asked him.

Ummi : Kenapa muka Danish ni?
Danish : Kena cop..
Ummi : Siapa cop?
Danish : Mamat yang cop.

Chop? Danish..Danish.. [geleng kepala]

Hubby sapu Hazeline Snow supaya sejuk sikit tu bekas 'chop'

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Cousin's Wedding

Last week 12 Dec 2008, attending my cousin's wedding.

Mohd Khairi & Farah Diyana

My first cousin, Aying, once live with us when his parents were in KL for a year.. He was our only brother at that time because all of my siblings are girls, Ani & Ida. Ijul & Ipah lum lahir lagi masa tu. I was at primary 3 at that time. Aying is one year younger than me. I still remember we share the same bed back then. Budak kecil lagi bah.. Penakut jugak c aying masa tu.

After we moved from Sim2 and they moved to KK, we barely in contact. We follow our own ways. Years after years we became more and more a part. But recently, when he said he want to settle down with his love, ayah's feel at least we need to take part in his wedding for Aying's late father is ayah's brother.So, we try what ever we can to help. My Lai can't attend the whole ceremony, therefor Ijul need to be the replacement unofficial photographer. We need the pics to be included in the video during the tingkuang's dinner party at the Tang Dynasty hotel. Again the video will be done by Ijul. Mcm ada cop sirim sudah c ijul, tugasan wajib utk slide show pengantin. Dari kawin c Ani, c Ida, c Aunty.. and now c Aying... I can say Ijul has done a good job.

My eyes watered when I first saw the vid. It shows some pics when Aying staying with us those years.

Now, he is married to his lovely wife Wawa. We all hope they will stay happy for the rest of their life. Selamat menempuh alam rumah tangga, Aying.. Wawa

Datin tgh ikat samping c Aying

Senyuman seorang bakal raja sehari

Cisco Instructor Training

Am attending the Cisco Instructor Training for CCNA 1 & CCNA 2, for two weeks. Paning kapala, hari2 ada exam.. enjoy your day, guys.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Salam Aidil Adha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha, khususnya kepada para haji dan hajjah.. Tahun ni, sekali lagi kami beraya di Kg Kota Ayangan, Keningau di rumah Bungsu Leha. She is the youngest sis of my mother in law. Setiap tahun raya di sana sangat meriah. Tahun ni, ada sambutan khatam al-Quran dan doa selamat buat anak2 buah yg telah berkhatan. But we were not there to celebrate them, have to get back to KK because early in the morning, hubby need to attend an important meeting.

K lah, salam Aidil Adha sekali lagi. Semoga kita dikurniakan negara yg aman dan harmoni. Tidak lupa juga takziah buat mangsa tanah runtuh d Bukit Antarabangsa.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Caught in Action!

While uploading several pics to my facebook, I caught him red-handed. Silently he is mimic whatever I do. Acting like he knows what he's doing, Danial is very serious typing on the keyboard.

Danial... what are you doing?

I'm doing my homework ummi...

Hmm.. how to write an essay on "Why Pocoyo's mother is always not around?"

Ummi, pls dont bother me..I am trying to finish my assignment here.. !

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tupperware Party!

Went to my sis, Ida's house just now. The tupperware bundle has arrived! This is my first collection of tupperware. Before this, I have no interest to buy apatah lagi to collect those kind of container. But when I saw Senih's collection, it really does look nice. She said, at least ada juga yg dapat dikumpulkan setiap bulan sebelum duit gaji yang diterima habis, hilang tanpa dikesan.

Will update the blogs with some colorful set of tupperware when I get the pics from Ida.

Ok, night..night..

Finished at Last!

At last! I have finished marking and keying in the grade to the system. This morning the academic will have a meeting to endorse the marks. Hopefully everything will be ok. It is really menyakitkan hati, if I have to re-decorate the marks (pinjam maizura punya wording).

Next time I will only put beberapa ketul soalan for the exam. I learnt my lesson, if too many questions, sendiri yg mo mati marking.I receive several love letters from the student..this is one of them..

I will have a break for today, before I can continue for PLUMS punya exam paper pulak. But that one is easier, not so many students.

After that, I need to fill in the form pulak. What I have achieve throught the year, ya? Seems like not much activity yg boleh memberikan markah yg tinggi.. no khidmat masyarakat at all. I dont want to get zero marks for that part. I will think hard.. bongkar semua surat2 and memo2 mana tau ada yang bulih d kasi masuk. I don't know about my other collegue, but this is definitely not my favourite excercise, at all. When you have to think, calculate, how many marks would u put for your own accessment. Kalau banyak sangat.. mcm minta puji dan syok sendiri.. kalau sikit betul, nanti gagal kena mengadap org yg duduk nuun di kayangan pulak. Ish..ish..ish..

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Babies Days Out

Yesterday we went to Lokawi Zoo. As usual the kiddos are very excited to see all the animals yg selalunya diorang tinguk d TV jak. This is the 3rd time we went to the zoo, and this time they were enjoying the animals encounter with their cousins, Syakir and Aisyah.

Group pic before entering the was very hot, even it's only at 10am

The kiddos are very happy to ride the so-called train.

Syakir: Abah, napa train ni tiada kuar asap?
AbahSyakir: Oooh.. sebab ni train guna enjin petrol.

One happy elephant

...and one happy boy...Syakir

It was fun seing the elephant being fed, but the tiger was seems unhappy maybe because it was alone in the cage.
one happy girl with the sad tiger

The sun bear

This afternoon, we plan to have Ladies Days Out pulak. Will go for a facial with the sisters, Senih and Ida.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just finished marking for one subject... Will continue to the next one.. In the mean time, I took a break before starting on the next paper. It is almost 2.15 am. I went to the kitchen. Treat myself with mee segera and a cup of coffee. Hope it can make the sleepy head away for another couple of hours. I switched on the tv. It was CSI Las Vegas, which I already watched. So, I decide to watch Oprah instead. It is about the Autism.

When come to kids, I am very sensitive. My eyes start to masuk abuk when I saw the parents sharing their stories about how to raise their autism kids. The discussion of parents talking about the heartbreak at their special children and the devastation this disorder has caused for these families. But not only that, they also talked on how it changed their life, become more patient and see things in a different perspective.

Autism is said to be mystery. 1 out of 150 baby is prescribed with autism in US. I am not sure the statistic in Malaysia.
It is a difficult challenge that seems to just go on and on. It is scary to think that how would you deal with the fact when you have autism kid, and even scarier when you see their development is very slow, can't take care of themself. The worst case is
the isolation parents feel from other parents who are raising neurotypical children. Raising awareness can help lessen that feeling of being alone. If we can't help to lift the burden of these parents, it is really helpful if only we can try to understand their situation.

How to know the kid is autism? According to the physician (cant remember the name) in the Oprah's show, there are three things that we need to be aware of:
  1. The language development - by 12 months, baby should start mumbling
  2. Social interaction - show interest when you call out his name, pointing at something to attract ur attention
  3. Physical behaviour - do they have some repetative behaviour? Eg. always bang his hand on the wall without any reason.
This website is good for more info on the sign of Autism .

In Malaysia, there is not enough effort to increase the awareness of Autism. It is important to create the awareness so that we know how to handle and face it if one has been diagnosed to have Autism. It also a great help if we can understand the kid when dia buat perangai at public. So we will not stare at them or marah2 bila dia buat bising di supermarket kaa..

I remember last semester my Entrepernuer student chose to sell book mark and put some words about Autism and share their keuntungan with the Persatuan Autism KK.

Ok, I need to continue marking..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FamilyVacation - Kudat 2008

Just came back from Kudat, yesterday. Last weekend, the marking activity was postponed. Need to take some fresh air. My brain need some rest. No red pen this weekend.

My parents arrived in KK since last week. Nowadays, my parents prefer to come down to KK during holidays. Almost all my siblings are here, except Ani. So, we plan to have a visit to our own lands end, Simpang Mengayau, Kudat.


special pose from Nurul

tuu naaaa....

Danial and me

before sunset... too cloudy though

ayah.. kepenatan

Now, I really need to finish the marking. The progress is very slow. I am not happy to myself. Need to have a big motivation to fix my speed of marking. And Fid SMSed me, must submit the marks before this Friday. I guess that was a big motivation for me to finish the job. Ayoyo.. mcm mana lah mo kasi abis marking ni..

Friday, November 21, 2008

Red Pen Time

It is the 'red pen time' again. Time really flew very fast ooh.. It's 'the' time again where I would buy numbers of nice red pens. I like the round tips, with really nice red ink color, flow smoothly. Yeah, the pen also play a role to me while marking. I want to make sure it is 'fun' enough for me to mark the students' exam papers. It can effect my mood, u know.

This time around, I need to pull all my strength to mark almost 250++ papers. That is for three different subject, all together. Not so much? Yeah, but all 8 - 10 subjective questions? It's easily to feel sleepy and lost focus. Imagine with their artistic handwritting, jawapan yg merapu-rapu. So, I follow Az's advice.. play good music, think of happy thought.

I dont have radio in my room.. just play the music from dear laptop

Well, I hope I can remain my kewarasan, be professional and enjoying the fun of marking their papers. Ya, Allah ya Tuhanku, berilah aku kekuatan untuk mengharungi 'cabaran' yg satu ini. Amiin...

I dont like the color of the ans booklet's cover.. it's grey.. make me feel grey.. :(

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's Exercise... our hands!

Ok, when is the last time you exercise your hand? Yes, your hand.. So, now I would like to share with you the correct way to exercise.. this one is a routine for our precious.... hands!First, stretch your right hand like this.. up and down


Then, dont forget your left hand..

Why need to do exercise for your hand? To avoid this..

It is known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (nothing to do with Karpal Singh though). Last year, my dad has been prescribed to this syndrome and went to QE for Carpal surgery. The doctor said, most of the patient who has this syndrome are those who are working with the computer (of course also the keyboard lah). At first he felt numbness at his middle and index finger. Thought it is normal, he bear with it. Lama2 selalu pulak tu kebas2. He went to the doctor at SDK, the was told it was Carpal Syndrome.

I googled and found this website. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The worrying part is it said, women are more likely to have this syndrome. It can affect people of all ages. If you have this condition you will experience pain or aching, and tingling or numbness. The symptoms are usually worse in the thumb, index and middle fingers. Occasionally they are so severe that your whole hand feels affected and the aching may sometimes extend up into the forearm. You may find one or both hands are affected. If you are right-handed the right hand tends to be worse, similarly the left hand if you are left-handed.

So you girls, babe, hot mamas, bloggers out there, dont forget to do some hand exercise, ok? Some other important info: