Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Could You Fail on Me?

How could you, Mr L!
Do you know, Mr. L, I spend a lot of time to prepare the material for the class.
I gathered a bunch of interesting examples for my students, so that they won't be bored.
How could you.
Every week I tried to fill the class with fun and interesting experience.
But ever since our first class at the megalab, you never fail to disappoint me.
How could you.
And today, I decided that was the last time you fail on me.
I really give up on you Mr. L.
Next week, I won't let you to disappoint me, no more.
Enough is enough, Mr. LCD!

CD Collection

I have no CD (song) collection.No, not even one. But today I receive my very first CD (or EP?) ever!
the album cover

And the best part is, it's Yuna's! Thanks to my lil' sis. She bought it online, and maybe because for being her 'post box' all this while, so at last she gave me the commission. But sadly I have no CD player in my car. Never mind, if you happen to limpas my office, pura2 saja tidak dengar tu lagu Yuna repeating like mad ya. Hehehehe..

See you tomorrow, dear blog. Oh ya, it's lovely Friday tomorrow. I am happy! [Can u see my smiling face?]

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


At the moment, I am in love with this song. Dan Sebenarnya - Yuna.
She is the Malaysian version of Colby Caillet or Alicia Keys, for me lah. Another fresh genre for my ear. Happy listening. Support Malaysian Product!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


My in laws from sdk and membakut came this weekend. As usual, our house will be the one-stop-center. Sometimes my parents or my sisters and brother. I like to have guest. So, last night we went to 1B, but it was almost 9 pm! We (the mommies) went to the U Bowl Playground, while the daddies enjoyed themselves at the snooker section. Regret not bringing the camera. Haiya. After that went to have dinner (supper?) in IP. It was 11 pm.

Suppose, this morning we plan to go to Gaya Street. Woke up late, so cancell lah. While waiting for another plan B, I get myself to prepare some lecture notes for next week. Talking about next week, I will be very busy with some school's stuff. Don't worry dear blog, will visit you anyway. Bah, need to continue with my unfinished tasks.

Have a nice day/week dear friends.

**Am relief, the MQA documents tasks had finished at last.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


They will do anything, as long as they get whatever they want. Using boy as the human shield - of course they said it is for the protection, coz for them stone is more dangerous than their bomb. Coward!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ari ni.. tiada yg special mo ditulis. Petang nanti ada meeting, program meeting. So many tasks need to be submitted this afternoon. Oklah tu saja, utk kali ni. Nanti lah kalau ada apa2 interesting story will write it down.

Friday, February 13, 2009

25 + 1 + 3 Random Things About Siti Hasnah

Once, you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 (or 29) random things. At the end, you choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you (In this case I am tagging back BX and Sheera). If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. If I didn't tag you, it's because you've been tagged.

1. Most people call me Siti, my friend call me Hasnah and my close friend call me Has or Ana.

2. I went to SRJK St. Monica then to SMK Sung Siew before to SBPLD.

3. I can understand and speak a little Cantonese. I learn the language during my primary school.

4. Still survive with 3 + 1, my darling helpers. Especially my hubby. Love you!

5. I was at the boarding school for 6 years (secondary school, SBPLD) before went to Matrics and then UKM.

6. I am married to my highschool sweetheart. We were classmate during Form 4.

7. I am a sporty during my study.I represented my school for 4 x 400 m, 4 x 200 m, shot put, lontar lembing, volley ball and went to Miri for netball (PPPM).

8. I am very afraid of missing the flight. We (Asni & I) ran like mad at KLIA to Satellite building to catch our connecting flight to Adelaide. Pecut 100 meter!

9. I am a morning, Subuh to be exact, person when it comes to study. I like to study in the morning. Really early in the morning. (During my study laa)

10. I am friendly. Normally I will start the conversation to a new friend.

11. I cannot work without Internet. Although my work does not need Internet connection. Yay!

12. I am multitasking. I can do several job at a time, according to priority.

13. I am still using my 1st HP number, since 7 years ago. (So, friends it's either u lost my number or u dont bother to contact me)

14. I don't do window shopping. I only survey the price for the things that I want to buy.

15. I love to buy stuff/ present for my family, especially my kiddos. If I went outstation, I will buy souvenirs for friends and family first. Will only buy for myself after that.

16. I really love spicy food. Kicap lada or sambal is a must in my meal.

17. I am a gamer person. I loved playing quest games, Sims and puzzle type of games. But only play if I have lots of lots leisure time.

18. I had stage fright. I can't give impromptu speech or public speaking. My brain will easily become freeze and black out.

19. I really love graphic design and scrapbooking. My dream is to open my own graphic design company.

20. My first job after graduate was a temporary teacher - teaching Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

21. I am the eldest daughter. Also the eldest grandchild in my father's side.

22. I can't live without friends/ family. I love talking to them.

23. I am half (quarter?) Chinese. My mom is sino-Dusun. Her father is pure Chinese from China. Her family name was Chong. But my mom can't speak Chinese!

24. I went to a shorthand class before went to uni. (Yes, the course that normally the secretary took. My dad said it will be helpful for fast note taking. Never use it though)

25. I were married at the age of 23. One year after that, we have my Nurul. That was during my MSc. My confinement 'lady' was my husband that time. Now we have 3 kiddos.

(Bonus) 26. I am very close to all my siblings. We are all like friends. Best friends.

(Bonus) 27. My dad bought me my first computer. It was during my undergrad, 1st year 2nd Sem (around 1995). Pentium 1 if I not mistaken.

(Bonus) 28. I read my first novel at the age of 9. Badai Semalam. I finish it within 1 night. But has not read any novel for a very looooong time now.

(Bonus) 29. I love photography, but don't like to setup the manual setting of dslr. Thinking of buying compact camera with the features of dslr. Ada ka?

Not exactly a random thing; but if you are reading this, I tag you.(BX, 2009)
[I borrow this phrase from BX. Do not come and claim your royalty ya! I already cited it]

I am tagging xillix, mate, and my sis.

**Almost all my friend has already been tagged. So, again, if u are reading this - consider u are tagged **

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Danial is 20 months old

He is still petite and cute boy. He is also lively and talkative. Still baby talk though. Not like his brother Danish during his age. He likes to drink milk and white rice without anything. Not even kicap. He drinks milk around 5 - 6 bottles per day. I realize his vocab is growing day by day, although not as fast as his older sister, Nurul.

15 month-old Danial

Danial's word:
leep - sleep
abam nish - abg danish
kakak nuyuy - kakak nurul
ati - auntie
akel - uncle
eskut - biskut
aten - Ben 10
miska - mickey mouse (magic word)
jerry - tom & jerry
apu - lampu
and list goes on...

Dia skrg tau tidur pura2.. dgn bunyi berdengkur skali.. Dia ni sensitif jg. Kalau time sedih dan moody, dont mention the word nangis or else he will suddenly cry all his heart out without any reason. Pelik.

some pics when he is around 3 - 5 months


As usual, when I reached King Fisher it already jammed. After sending my boys to their playschool, drive back to the office. Suddenly I heard a bang and momentum from the back. Oh my god! Ada kereta di belakang langgar kancilku. Look at my back mirror, it is a wira. At first, I was shocked. Stay in my car for a few second, thinking on what should I do. Then I saw that driver get off his car and checking my car. I get out and dengan selambanya dia kata "Oooh.. tiada apa2 jugak".

Me : Kenapa you langgar saya?!
Mr X : Sorry..sorry... tiada rosak juga
Me : Ya lah, mana boleh langgar org. Give me your phone number! (What am I thinking.. mo buat apa tu phone no.?)
Mr X : 012...
Me : No need lah, give me your name card.
Mr X : Ok, ada..ada..
Me : U drive hati2 lah, nasib baik baby saya tiada dlm kereta. Kalau ada anak2 mesti diorang takut..
Mr X : Ok..ok..

Luckily, nothing happen to my dear Kancil. Only a small accident, only a little scratch. But, I was really shocked with the impact. Tu baru accident yg kecil2... Ya, Allah syukurlah tiada apa2.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Selamat menyambut hari Thaipusam kepada mereka yang menyambutnya. Di Sabah, rasanya sambutan tidak semeriah di Selangor. But, the students here is organizing Pesta Cahaya to celebrate it.

I saw a colum (x tau spellingnya) outside the library last Sunday, while having PLUMS class there. Very nice and colourful. Compliment to the students who prepare it. Must have patience and skills too.

Very nice, kan..?

Inilah antara org kuat di belakang projek kolum

kelas hari Ahad di MegaLab yg lengang

Friday, February 06, 2009


Wahai sahabatku rakyat Malaysia,
Kekalkanlah kesejahteraan tanah air kita,
Berpikirlah dengan matang dan wajar,
Melenting bukan caranya,
Demonstrasi bukan jawapannya,
Derhaka bukan tradisi kita,
Bukan itu sikap yg ingin diwariskan,
Bukan itu sejarah yg ingin disemadikan,
Kerana akhirnya generasi masa depan jadi mangsanya,
Marilah kita bersatu memajukan negara,
Maruah agama, bangsa dan negara jgn digadaikan,
Akhirnya kedaulatan negara kan tergugat,
Akibat kelalaian kita sendiri.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kasih Sayang adalah Keperluan Bersama

Every Thursday I have class at the library. At the 1Mega Lab, to be exact. I like the environment in the library, coz with different setting of classroom, you can see different kind of attention (to your lecture) given from your students. I found that they are quite interactive and paying more attention in this class.

outside library
  1. On the way to the library I saw an expo at the parking space - Expo Produk Halal. The interesting part is the theme - kasih sayang adalah keperluan bersama! Nice slogan.. :D
  2. After class, went to the unit media to install some software, but already lunch hour.. so nobody's there to entertain me.
  3. Luckily bump into Farah n Pipah, went to have lunch with them. Did not bring my purse, so they need to belanja me lah! (Len kali .. pura2 lupa bawa purse lagi..kekeke) So, next time will be my treat kawan!
  4. Renew my library member barcode. The old one sudah tertanggal, ndak tau mana. The admin assistant said I never borrowed any book since I were in UMS. That's weird, because although I am not a 'library' person, but I did borrow some (banyak lah juga) books. Hmm.. macam mana lah tu database tidak detect my history.. nasib baik lah tiada denda yg belum dilunaskan.
  5. That's all for this visit. Next week when I have class on Thursday, need to remind me to bring my purse. My turn to blanja!
when is the last time you turn the page of a real dictionary?

Psst -> Anwar said "Give mandate back to the people". Tapi kalau BN lompat to Pakatan Rakyat, ok pulak bagi dia.. dunia.. dunia... (sambil geleng kepala) I am not Pro to any party. I really hope we are going forward instead of gaduh2 pasal siapa yg berkuasa. Banya perkara lain yg lebih penting utk diselesaikan, like the down turn of economy, unemployment, isu perpaduan antara kaum, etc.

Misako is signing out.. for today.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Lama juga tidak menambah entry. Biasalah.. jawapan nya.. sibuk.

Tadi masa hantar my daughter p sekolah, kami berselisih, (bilang org sabah - berlimpas) dengan rombongan Sultan Brunei. Punya lah ramai.. banyak tul kereta yg mengiring.. adalah mau 20++ ndak termasuk ambulans dan bomba. Waduh, susah juga jadi kerabat ni kan.. mau ke 1B pun, satu batalion dibawa skali.

Ya, diorang pi 1B maybe ada perasmian or something.

Oklah, itu jak catatan buat masa ni. Ptg ni ada lab lagi... pas tu plan mo p Gym, tapi kawan2 semua ada hal. Postpone lagi plan aku yg paling sihat ni. Orait, adioooss..

Courtesy from Utusan