Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let's Free Hugs!

Watched this campain on the Oprah's Show. Basic idea is to spread the love to everybody. Somehow, it really touched me and how I think at least we can give hugs to our love ones, to our children, to our siblings, parents, friends. Watch this, Free Hugs you'll agree with me. Let's free hugs..

Monday, June 25, 2007


"Hi frens. Fyi, i hv decided tat i will leave ... Dah hantar 1 mth notis, tunggu surat pendaftar. Wanted 2 tell u b4 u hear frm org lain. Talk to u soon." Last week I received this sms from one of my dear friend. How I wish I have that kind of courage, to move on to something that I like to do, love to live with, to have a hobby that at the same time to own a living from it. Maybe some day, I will fall in love again with my current job. Or maybe I can do something else where I can be my own boss. to my friend, all the best in whatever u do.

On Maternity Leave

It is almost 8 weeks since I am on my maternity leave. Thanks to our gov. we can enjoy maternity leave with full pay. Alhamdulillah. To be frank, it feels good to wake up in the morning and don't have to rush to go to the office, wait for the baby to wake up and have his bath. At the moment he is sleeping beside me and he is smiling in his deep sleep. How I wish I can be work-from-home-mum.

This morning I open my email, and found out this one email asking me to open the exam for CCNA. I almost forgotten! I have promised my student to open the exam every friday. For those student who are taking CCNA sem 2, pls check the website coz I have activated the exam for this whole week.

Besides, I'm taking my precious time to have a look on my x-student's pages : tagged, friendster; just to have an idea how their life after uni. Not very successful though - they rarely talk about their life. They also must be very busy with things they do now, i guess.

Waah.. panjang plak crita sia kali ni... well have a look on my newest son Muhammad Danial b Mohd Ehram. Enjoy, have a nice day!