Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Celebrity Look-Alike

I tried my photo pulak.. waduh.. ada ciri2 wanita pertama.. ;)

This one is my hubby's

My Darlings..Nurul and Danish

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's 2007?

Wow.. it has been several months since I last wrote in this blog. Not a good blogger I would say. But I really enjoy reading others blog especially my dear friend Linachu. Well, hope it is not too late to wish everybody Happy New Year, although I am not sure is there anybody reading the blog ;) My new resolution? Let see...

1) Someone is coming!
It is expected to be sometime in May, Insyaallah our third child will arrived. Hopefully everything will go right. Hope will be no more C-Section.

2) Lose Weight
Then after the baby, maybe I really need to think and plan this seriously. Like Linachu said "Overweight". Coz now I'm in the "obese" category.. sad..sad..

3) New House
Recently we have booked a house at Bandar Sierra. Still on the process of loan approval. I hope we can move in around September this year. Lots of things to plan, kena jimat byk2 sebab byk benda mo dipikir...

4) FRGS/ e-Science fund
To apply and get at least one research fund. I also don't know how to make it works. Have applied for several time, but still the answer is very sad. Well, need to try again.

5) Confirm
This time I really hope I will manage to gather all the documents for confirmation. 6 tahun masih belum confirm? Hmm..

6) Business
I am interested to go into business, but don't have the courage to leave my comfort and safe job. Although my heart is no longer in the lecturing field, I have to swallow all the boring and same old task to get paid 3k. Can I be a housewife and get that figures? Dont think so... maybe can invest some money in my sister's small business.

7) Healthy life, peaceful mind
Hope everyone that I love will have a healthy life and berbahagia. Peace in Iraq, Palestin, everywhere throughout the world.

There's my 7 resolution for this year. Hope this year will bring more prosperity to everybody. Happy New Year, salam Maal Hijrah!