Thursday, October 30, 2008

FYP Presentation

For every end of semester, we will have to attend the students' final year project presentation. This time I had given 32 slots of presentation! Banyak tuu.. each student are given 15 min to present their idea of building some system, doing some research on algorithm, or developing new computer application. This time around, we found out most of them are playing safe. Choose an easy topic and just want to get through it. Not many yang daring trying interesting topic such as builiding new local games kaa.. novel mobile application etc.

It's quite fun and informative to watch their presentation for some of the topic and algorithm are new for me. At least I can learn something from the student. But if u have to spend the whole day, sitting at the lab hearing some nonsense reason why they need to develop an online shop.. mcm mo marah pun ada oo.. reading their 'copy and paste' literature review lagi.. waa.. bikin panas..

All in all, I hope next time they will put some creativity and arts in their works. CS students are not meant to be poyo student u know..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Urgent Vacancy : IT post, Sabah

Calling to all the comp science and IT graduate. There are several vacancy for IT post to be located at the immigration office around Sabah. It is a private company servicing the immigration office. Basic salary RM1200. Pls email your resume to ASAP.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

With Helper or No Helper?

During my childhood, I remember we had helper or we also call them, kakak. But after I was in secondary school, we no longer has one. Maybe because we had grown up and able to handle the chores on our own.

But now, when I asked my hubby whether he is ok if we get a helper, he explain panjang lebar.

Misako : Lai, kalau kita ambil org gaji, ok kah?
Lai : Mo ambil org gaji? Napa?
Misako : Ya lah,at least boleh tolong2 cuci baju, bersih kan rumah. Saya kadang2 (most of the time, actually..hehehe) tidak sempat mo buat semua tu lah. Balik kerja, penat.
Lai : Tidak apalah, saya tolong cuci kain kan? Susah lah kalau ada org lain di rumah. Mo lari2 pakai suar dalam di rumah pun susah. (Kah..kah..kah)
Misako : Bah, jangan komplen aa.. kalau rumah tunggang langgang.
Lai : Kita buat lah sama2. Nanti kalau ada org gaji, kita goyang kaki jak, tambahlah gemuk. Sudahlah tidak exercise...

Aduss..terkena aku sebijik.

How I survive with three active children without helper? Well, I tell u that in another entry for sure.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Makan Time

When? 22 Oct 2008, 1 pm
Where? Penang Village, 1Borneo, KK
Why? To celebrate those who came back from their study, and to say goodbye for those who will be leaving to get his phd
Who? All CS family member..except Dr Jason..(got other activity)

This pic was grab from Yatt's. Me? ALamak, I'm the one who took the pics.. so, yes, that empty seat was mine


This gathering is to All-in-one celebration. To celebrate Dr. Kala and Dr. Rayner, as well as Pn. Shaliza and En. Din - came back from Glasgow. Also a farewell party to Hanafi.His flight to Liverpool is this evening.. Good luck my friend.. Nanti ko balik kami kena panggil Dr. Hanafi lah pulak..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hari Raya ke-18

hari raya masuk hari ke 18. Masih byk rumah terbuka yg perlu lawati.

Friday, October 17, 2008


This morning I received an email from one of my colleague, who is rarely sending an email to everybody. But this mail has touched me. May this Bernard will be strong to fight the disease.

Dear colleagues,

I was contacted by one our ex-students, graduated last August 2008 revealing a bad news about him recently diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. His name is Bernard Chan (Civil Engineering Program). We in civil engineering family remember him as a kind and obedient guy and very helpful to others. He was the Pengarah for a community project we conducted in Kg Kiau, Ranau back in 2006, where we helped the kampung folks building a kindergarden.

His journal can be found here.

Obviously, he needs a lot of assistance financially as he is the eldest in the family and supposed to be the breadwinner, and has just started working.

But, if you cannot help him financially, do send encouragment to him in battling this disease (House: 073317720, Hp: 0168142561- Malaysia) (Hp: +6583790701 -Singapore, where he is being treated at Singapore National University Hospital).

Or, if you have any idea of how we can help him (or a contact person), do let me know.

Ext 3145

Jamuan Raya 2008

Last Saturday, 11 Oct 2008 have a jamuan Raya at our house.

The Menu:
- Ayam Masak Merah
- Sayur labu masak lemak
- Ikan goreng + sambal belacan
- Udang goreng tepung (my mom in law's special resepi)
- Acar timun
- Chicken wing goreng
- Air sirap

Who's cooking? Me and my sis, with the help of my mom IL. Hubby help to clear up the house. Nurul & Danish become the penyambut tetamu.

This one was only a small jamuan, not open house, because it has been so long time ago since I cooked for the guest. Dont really know how to estimate. Next timelah baru buat open house.

Thanks for those who were coming:
- Az n family
- Azali n family
- Jiran2 n family
- Ida n family
- my students
- Fid n hubby
- Yatt Daut
- Yatt n danial
- Cousin Fauzi n family
also my sis and bro's friends

and also for those who I didnt mention here.. nanti kalau teringat I put u in the list ya..

oh ya, the photo? Believe it or not.. we all forget about the, no one is taking the pic.. menyesalnyaaa...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya 2008

Happy Aidilfitri everybody. Semoga Raya kali ini membawa seribu rahmat kepada kita semua. This year kami stay at my mom in law's. Though, my parents house is just 5km away.

Once again, selamat hari raya Aidilfitri. Maaf dipohon seikhlas hati.

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