Wednesday, March 07, 2012

31 weeks

We are pregnant. Again! InsyaAllah, this will be the 4th junior in our family. Unplanned, as usual.

I tried to keep it to myself for the first trimester, but of course, going into 2nd trimester, the baby bump started to show. Although, most of my friends sure think that I put on weight instead. Only after the 3rd month, I went to get the tested and yes, 2 lines appeared. Mixed feeling –

  • happy to have an additional to our family,
  • anxious to juggle study, motherhood and pregnancy,
  • shy – can’t explain why I should feel shy. Maybe because one of my senior relate pregnancy with ‘productivity’. Haha.

Alhamdulillah, I don’t have any serious problem in this pregnancy. Morning sickness tu biasalah, kan. But my appetite is increasing.  (Who doesn’t?) So does my weight lah.. :( Within 31 weeks, I have put on extra 10 kilos!

I went to Dr Eileen’s clinic of King Fisher for monthly checking. She is the best choice, female doctor,  to have around this area. Besides, she is also kind and informative. The clinic is not so busy, so cut the waiting time.

However the next question is where to have this baby. The last two was delivered at the SMC, but considering the crowd there.. I am thinking of having it in another hospital. Thinking of Dr Felice of KK Specialist. Most of my friends said, she is good but too busy.  Called the clinic (088-230 011) yesterday and I can only squeeze in on the 4th April. That is on week 35. Harap2 semua berjalan lancar.


After having my 3rd child 5 years ago, it is quite an experience to be pregnant in this age. Tua sudah bah. Student lagi tu. Luckily, I don’t have to go to attend lecture. Or to give lecture. But, reading the articles, journals etc with this condition, is really a challenge. Mengantuklah, sakit pingganglah, malaslah. You name it. But no excuse. The time is ticking. Next semester (which is next week) is my 2nd Semester. End of August, I need to defend my proposal. Scary.

Oklah, enough for now. Will be meeting my BFF tomorrow to catch some updates.

Wish me luck and remember me in your doa and prayers Winking smile

Next entry : My shopping list.


Linachu said...

Tahniah my friend!
It's gonna be a wonderful journey ahead with the new addition to your family. All my doa for you for a safe and healthy delivery.
ps bila perjumpaan seterusnya?

Misako said...

ya, wanted to see you soon.. especially mau dengar pasal how-to CDing.. bila rabbit the penguin masuk stock di KF? Kita pigi tinguk2 sama2.. really need advice utk beli tu first batch of CD.. hehehe